SmashTheState - Terminal Hacker 1.0

This is a project done while following "The Complete Unity Developer 2.0" tutorial at I decided to go for a near-future cyberpunk theme, where the player solves passwords to bring about various changes in a society ruled by the corrupt.

I enjoyed adding to the theme by including a few references to the *nix CLI, as well as an easter egg or two. (see bottom of this description)

Once you've clicked within the game screen, the keyboard is all that's needed. You may type "menu" at any time to return to the main menu. To quit, simply go back or close your browser tab.

The levels are ordered by difficulty of their puzzles, which will be randomly selected when a level is chosen. Feel free to make a few attempts, or even simply hit the enter/return key to re-scramble the anagram, which might provide a different perspective! (Currently, there are no attempt limits).

Enjoy, and feel free to leave your thoughts below! :)

If you were also following the tutorial, and would like to see how I implemented things, feel free to download the "Hacker.cs" file.

As promised: "herooftime" and "jensen" :)


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I just updated mine. Play it and let me know what you think.

Glad it's not the bare basic! Loved the story and personality of the game.

Try Mine: