Version 1.1:


  1. Fixed typos, mostly.
  2. Aligned text left by default for easier reading.
  3. Fixed one ending being written too long, thus cutting off the text that says you beat the game.

Version 1.0: Release!

Welcome to OrbitFall! This is my very first coding project, based on a tutorial in the Udemy series by Ben Tristem: "Learn to Code by Making Games - the Complete Unity Developer."

I took the Text Adventure lesson, and not only changed it and customized it, but to make sure I REALLY understood the material, I elaborated on the techniques I learned and made my own fully fledged beginning-to-end text adventure.

The game features a basic inventory system, a suit with a few useful functions, and multiple endings. You can die, too, if you're not careful!

This game can be completed in a few minutes, mostly depending on how fast you read. ;)

Enjoy the adventure!


AuthorArcangel Games
GenreAdventure, Interactive Fiction
Made withUnity
TagsSci-fi, Space, Text based
Average sessionA few minutes

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